Umpiring Course

Without umpires we can’t play

Due to the struggles we have each week in arranging umpires for all our matches, we really need some more qualified umpires in the club. As such, we are trying to arrange with the men for a level 1 umpiring course to be run on the last Saturday in January at the club.

In order to do this we need at least 8 candidates to make it viable.

The course will cost £50 and it’s a full day session that will also require you to complete an assessment once you’ve umpired a few practice matches.

Players will be expected to fund the course themselves but once you are qualified and are willing to support the club by umpiring regularly, then arrangements can be made for re-reimbursement.

Ideally we need at least 1 qualified umpire per team, (preferably more to spread the load) as if anything happened to the umpire during a match, a player can take over to continue the match or else the fixture would have to be abandoned and re-arranged.

It also makes coordinating umpires across teams far easier when times of games clash if there are several people in each team who can umpire other matches.

We need to know numbers for the course ASAP so please can you  confirm if you are interested in attending.