2nd XI 07/10/17 v Phoenix Blues

Phoenix Blues 3 – 3 Stafford

During the first half both teams had a number of attempts on goal to no prevail. Amanda Trotter, Jo Lovatt, and Amy Bailey all had shots on target well saved by the keeper.

The Stafford defence also had their work cut out as Phoenix put on the pressure,  Isha Ball taking a ball to the head like a hero. They continued to work hard to keep the score 0-0 after Phoenix were awarded three penalty corners in a row just before half time.

The second half was where all the action happened. Once again Phoenix were awarded a penalty corner which was brilliantly saved by goal keeper Aileen Shiner. As play continued Phoenix managed to get a break and scored the first goal of the match leaving Stafford 1-0 down.

Stafford came back strong winning two penalty corners however the home side keeper kept the Stafford shots at bay.

During a period where a Stafford player had been awarded a green card leaving them a player down for 2 minutes, Phoenix took advantage with another strike from a penalty corner.

With 15 minutes left of the match Stafford had their work cut out to try and bring this back. With some lovely play down the right wing Amy Mitchell managed to get a shot off at the top of the circle and score Stafford’s first goal making the score 1-2.

Throughout the rest of the game both teams created a number of opportunities, Phoenix even having a strike hit the post.

Stafford got back into the game thanks to a quick attack, Aoife Dillan scoring with a cracking equaliser from the top of the circle and it was Dillan again who managed to put Stafford ahead with another solid strike sending Stafford into a 3-2 lead.

Stafford worked hard to maintain their lead but in the last 2 minutes Phoenix had a run on penalty corners with the fourth time proving lucky as the ball trickled over the goal line despite the defence and goal keeper’s best efforts. A 3-3 equaliser 5 seconds before the final whistle.